A bunch of laundry on the washer.

Hello laundry. Always there. Always looming. Never caught up with. Today, I’m going to share with you three ways to take control of the laundry so it doesn’t control your life.

1. Do laundry daily.

Put on a load every day, no matter how small. Oh and dry it too. Just do it. You won’t regret it. Ok, to be fair, I know not every family is our size (four kids, two adults, and cloth diapers). So if it’s not every day, do it when it makes sense to do it, such as when you have enough for a load.

2. Decide when laundry gets done.

Part of the problem with getting overwhelmed with laundry is that it’s not done consistently at the same time. It gets piled up. Conquer that issue with doing it at the same time every day and pair it with something you’re already doing. For instance, I put on a load when we eat breakfast and then dry or hang it right after lunch while listening to a business training. And if I don’t follow through with this, oh my. Laundry overload.

3. Find ways to reduce laundry overwhelm.

So once I conquered the dirty laundry itself, next came the issue of actually putting it away. One day, I timed myself.. It took over an hour to put things away. My oldest was able to help with laundry, but the others were just too little… So I decided to honestly keep the clothes in bags and baskets. Sorted by person or category like towels. And that’s putting it away. Bonus is if it gets put into the baskets in the kids closet or hung in our closet. It’s seriously saved our sanity and so. Much. Time rather spent doing other things that are important like writing this blog post and reading with the kids!

Your laundry routine is likely going to look different from mine, but hopefully looking a bit at mine from above will give you a good place to start. And if your wardrobe needs a total rehaul and you have a hard time knowing where to start, you may enjoy my Simple Capsule Wardrobe Guide. Some recent feedback on it: “Ahhh Kelly! That was brilliant! I’m going to do some sorting this weekend, more purging, and most importantly writing down what I have vs what I need. Thank you!!!” If you’d like that guide, feel free to email me at eastcoastkellyb@gmail.com and I can send that off to you.



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