Hard to believe it’s been nine years since I’ve had a side business with kids at home. I started shortly after my first was born. And I’ve learned a lot through these years. And I’m still learning! Today on the blog, I’m going to be sharing some tips I’ve learned through experience and from what other successful work at home parents do too.

Flexibility in routines

Flexibility is extremely key, especially if the kids are younger. One being to have an extremely, extremely flexible flow / rhythm to the day. Structured schedules just do not work for life at home with kids (at least with mine) - especially younger ones. My kids, who are also homeschooled, also have a free-flowing type of rhythm to the day too.

Have a set aside work space

Having a space set aside for work is helpful for focus, but learning ways to get work done with the kids around too is important. Having a space that you can stand at to keep fingers out of your work, getting some tasks done on your phone and so on are strategies that help.

Find outside (or inside) help

If funds allow, hire a helper to watch the kids for when you need some extra focus. Or, what we’ve done over the years, is to take turns doing bedtime duties so that some evenings I have chunks of focused time to get work done.

And the best thing that has kept me going through the years is that I try not to compare to others. Comparing to others who work from home (with or without kids) will only set yourself up for failure. Focus on small wins and keep tweaking your days to make it natural for both yourself and your kids will keep you going.

PS if you love this kind of thing, you would enjoy the working at home with kids guide that I put together a couple years ago. It’s filled with tips and strategies I’ve found helpful over the years. Send me an email at eastcoastkellyb@gmail.com if you’d like that.



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