A picture of my garbage can on the counter.

Making do vs. buying new and minimalism. Minimalism to me means being content with what I have and instead of clicking BUY NOW. I wait. And think. Can I borrow, find, thrift, or repurpose? I used to scoff at my father using peanut butter jars for paint or resusing milk bags for food storage. That’s not what the cool kids do, right?! And alas, here I am, with years behind me and with four kids embracing the same. Reusability of items and making do. Thanks, dad. I finally listened. Today on the blog, I’m sharing about how to reuse ten items to save you money.

  1. The blog image above is my protein powder container in all its glory as a bathroom garbage can (on the counter no less because the toddler dumps out the garbage on the regular).
  2. Shampoo bottle for holding dish soap.
  3. Kitty litter plastic bucket for under the sink cleaning supply bucket.
  4. Mason jars given to use for water glasses.
  5. Scrap wood to make a pencil holder like this.
  6. Using leftover jute to make simple DIY macramé plant holders.
  7. Empty spray bottles from old cleaning supplies to use for a veggie spray wash.
  8. Small cardboard boxes to use for sorting items.
  9. Leftover fabric to make cloth wipes.
  10. Redoing a coffee table a friend gave us.

(Now tally up all that amount that I saved by not purchasing new…at least $200!).

PS if you love the idea of repurposing and want some more ideas, I found 20 more ideas you may find useful. You can receive that list for free by emailing me at eastcoastkellyb@gmail.com.

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