One of the ways I’ve simplified the things that I own has been focusing on items that have more than one use. Pieces of clothing, small appliances, and my personal fave: my wallet - purse - clutch. A true multipurpose wallet. I kind of obsess and agonize over decisions when making purchases, so spent a bunch of time researching before buying this wallet. I think it’s because I tend to use and keep things forever and I also wanted it to work with my capsule wardrobe.

A picture of my wallet on the table.

I actually have this wallet in black and grey to switch up for each season, too. I’ve had it for a couple years now and love, love, love it. It’s so versatile and has been holding up very well (I’m not the gentlest on my stuff always, plus four kids). It has a zip pocket for coins and slip pocket on the outside, card slots, lots of space inside. And transforms from purse to clutch. Perfect for on the go when I don’t need to carry much for the kids or easy to throw in a bigger purse if I do! I love, love, love finding versatile pieces like this. It also has a removable longer purse strap and a wristlet when it’s a clutch. And it even has space for a little notepad, lipchap, my phone, and a pen. It’s a win all around for me.

Three reasons to switch to a multipurpose wallet like mine?

  1. You may be able to simplify your purse and wallet collection like I did. Right now I have a large purse bag thing and my two wallets like these ones, that’s it.
  2. You might get asked about it often and help people simplify their lives too. (at least that’s what happened to me ha!).
  3. You may save money. I had a phone wallet, coin purse, a few purses, and wallets before switching to this multipurpose wallet. It may end up saving you too.

You can find the link to the wallet I bought here. It would make for a great gift for someone who is looking to simplify this area of their lives or is a diehard wallet collector perhaps?

PS And if your wardrobe needs a total rehaul and you have a hard time knowing where to start, you may enjoy my Simple Capsule Wardrobe Guide. Some recent feedback on it: “Ahhh Kelly! That was brilliant! I’m going to do some sorting this weekend, more purging, and most importantly writing down what I have vs what I need. Thank you!!!” If you’d like that guide, feel free to email me at and I can send that off to you.



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