One Way to Have Smoother Days with Kids at Home

It takes lots of flexibility.

Did you know that transitions can possibly make or break your day with kids? Transitions are basically those in between times from switching one activity to the next. Like going from breakfast to brushing teeth to school time. Those are our biggest transitions right now. Today on the blog I’m... [Read More]

Four Tips to Create Minimal Wardrobes for Kids

Minimal living and wardrobes for kids? How does that even work? We have four kids so, I mean, that’s a lot of kids, so it’s going to be a lot of clothes even with minimal wardrobes. But we’ve learned steps that have certainly helped. On the blog today I’m sharing... [Read More]

Where and How to Start Decluttering: a No Brainer Guide

There are so many takes on decluttering and pieces of advice, so I’m going to leave you mine, of course. Looking back, I plowed through the big declutter when everything clicked for me. I was just anxious to get it done. Paper was the biggest for me. I remember taking... [Read More]

Our Current Laundry Routine that Has Taken the Stress Off Of Laundry

So, laundry used to be my nemesis. I think I felt “on top of it” until I hit two kids. No kidding. And if things weren’t put away and folded or hung, I never felt complete. Then entered that second child and laundry was Something had to give. If... [Read More]

One Daily Tidying Routine that Will Save You Money and Time

What if I told you that committing to staying on top of laundry would save you money and time. Would you do it? Those are the two benefits I clued into after we started adding laundry to our daily nonnegotiable tidying routine. Today on the blog I’m going to share... [Read More]

How to Design a Simple Cleaning Routine

The key is flexibility.

Having a family means that there is always cleaning and tidying to be done. No kidding, right? I think I was at the number of two kids that I felt stressed out by the house…trying to keep on top of all things at all times. I remember a good friend... [Read More]